IRS recognizes Small Business Week: Resources available to help employers

September 13, 2021


WASHINGTON — During National Small Business Week, the Internal Revenue Service wants small business owners to know that information and resources to help them understand and meet their tax obligations are available free at

Small businesses play a pivotal role in our nation's economy. The IRS has a variety of resources available to help employers meet their tax responsibilities as well as help their employees.

IRS online resources can also help employers with things like how to determine if workers should be classified as employees or independent contractors, when employment taxes are due and what forms they need to file.

Employer Identification Number

An Employer Identification Number, also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number is a must-have for a business. Applying for an EIN can be done online for free using an interview style application offered by the IRS. Five Things to Know about the EIN is a video that helps explain why it is critical the IRS has accurate and current information related to EINs or business accounts.

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